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FRQ #4

 Equality or Power

    A teacher once said to me, “We are all equal, its just some are more equal than others.”  It isn’t true that all the justices on the supreme court are equal.  The chief justice has specific powers that the rest do not.  The chief justice has enormous power over the develpment and implementation of ethical mandates.  They also have an enormous say in which way the debate is leading.  They are also able to preside over impeachment trials.  Chief Justices are truly more equal than any other justice. 

    The Chief Justice has the job of heading the Judicial Conference.  They will assing charis and members for all Judicial Conference committees.  They also staff the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, and serve as the judiciary’s spokesperson on legislative and administarative reforms.  They are able to fill our courts and administrative offices with whomever they particularly want.  With this power, he/she is able to create any type of partison Judicial Conference committees.  He is able to create a republican or democratic base… if he wanted to. 

    Being the Chief Justice, a man/ or woman in that position is easily able to frame the opinion of the court.  The courts opinion is suppose to be based on the judges thoughts and opinions, however, the chief justice is usually the first to speak and to question.  Thus, they can direct the court hearings and can influence the way the other judges think and vote.  Influencing is just the begining on how the Chief Justice can direct the discussion.  He can question the prosecution and defence on whatever he wants.  He can directly inhibit the ability of the other judges to ask questions.  He is given the position of the chair in meetings and voting.  With this power, he is easily more “equal” than other judges. 

    Impeachment trials are very seldom; however they are the prime example on how much more power the Chief Justice has.  He is the one who will preside over the impeachment trials.  They are able to take out the one man who directly leads our country. The face of our country and the voice of our country is the president.  The Chief Justice is able to peside over the hearing of the impeachment.  This power is directly given to the Chief Justice by the constitution. 

  The Chief Justice is truly more equal than the other justices.  They are able to convienetly form the view of the court.  They are also able to control the discussion and the debate.  Given the ability to assign positions in the Judicial conferences he is theoreticaly able to construct any type of partison base he would like.  The last is the most important reason why he is more powerful.  He is given power from the constitution itself to preside over the impeachment discussion.  The Chief Justice is very powerful and has more power than any other justice on the Supreme Court.  This raises a question, “With so much power, could it be misused?”

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Most Premature Baby Goes Home (Born at 22 weeks!)
All Headline News ^ | February 19, 2007 | Megan Shannon

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Miami, FL (AHN) – After nearly four months in the hospital, Amillia Taylor — the most premature baby born in US history — is going home.

Amillia was born in a Miami hospital after spending little more than 22 weeks in her mother’s womb. She weighed only 10 ounces (284 grams) and was no longer than a ballpoint pen when she was born on October 24.

Doctors did not believe Amillia would survive but her parents said she was a miracle. Because of her strength and awesome will to live, her parents named her Amillia — which means resilient in Latin.

The University of Iowa keeps track of all premature babies born in the US. According to their records, Amillia survived the shortest gestation period than any other baby in US history.

Amillia is scheduled to go home on Tuesday after being closely monitored 24 hours a day at Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami since birth. Although she now weighs about 4 lbs, she will still be monitored from home. She will need asthma medication and extra oxygen for the next couple months.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; US: Florida

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Amillia, shortly after birth.

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Power to Persuade is not alone

            Francois de La Rochefoucauld argued that, “We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones.”  This is a way that the president could use his power of persuasion as a presidential power.  He could try to make it seem as if he has no flaws to the public and to his cabinet members.  However this power of persuasion only goes so far.  Then it is the power of leadership and justifiable action that makes up the presidential powers.  With these two powers the president successfully runs the presidency. 

      The power to persuade people is a power that many have come to use successfully.  They have been able to start many things as in revolutions and marches.  Kennedy was able to use the presidency to stop segregation and begin the civil rights movement in the southern states.  He used his power of persuasion along with the other black movement leaders to successfully end the segregation days.  The president is using this power every day in the oval office.  He has to persuade people in the Senate to vote for his proposed bills and he has to have the House of Representatives also pass his bills in order to have them become law.  He always is persuading and using his position to influence people.  Neustadt argues that a president overly uses his position to influence people and their judgement.  This power can be misused however, it can also be a great tool.  It is up to the president to decide what it can become.  In the words of Spider-man, “With great power comes great Responsibility.”

   The president uses his ‘power’ of persuasion as a tool however, there are more than just persuasion to the president’s powers.  As, the president of the United States the president has an obligation to lead the country into what ever era.  Some have lead the country into battle and won, some have lead the country and lost.  However, each president has lead the country into some form of dismay or happiness.  Some have brought around world changing events that revolutionized the way people think, act, and react to society.  However, each one of these extordinary people have done one thing in common.  They have all Lead the country!  Leading the country is the one thing that president has great power in doing.  He is the main man in our country and is the face of our country.  He is the one who keeps our foreign relations happy and is the one we look to in peril.  The president has certain powers, and one of those powers is the power to lead. 

       Where would leading get the president if he didn’t have the ability to decide what is a justifiable action.  Justifiable action is when someone can perform an action and justify its meaning with good cause.  It would have to be for the betterment of the country and with the conscience and values behind it.  The bombing of Hiroshima was “suppose-ably” a justifiable action, because the Japanese brought more than just bombs to Pearl Harbor they also brought a threat.  We attacked in revenge but also in good conscience knowing that we gave them sufficient time to surrender.  Whether it was sufficient enough time is a theory left to the philosophers to decide.  An example where this ‘power’ of the president is used incorrectly is when FDR made the interment camps.  This is when a president can use the powers incorrectly and ultimately lead our country into dismay. 

    The president has more than just one power.  He has more than just the power to persuade people.  Even though this is a great power, it is also one that is not standing alone the the president’s corner.  He also has at his arsenal the power to lead our country, and the power to have justifiable action.  With these two more powers the president successfully leads and runs our country. 

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pure evil

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By Cody Olson  Every day,

Every hour,

Every time I see you,

I feel you.

Your every presence,

Makes my body tremble.

Every word,

Every syllable spoken,

Are words that enter my soul,

Take me over,

And break me down,

I see you every day,

I talk to you every day,

But the feeling never changes.

Fear, Love, Agony, Excitement,Come and Enter like a kid in a Candy store.

Your every touch,

Paralyzes me.Keeps me.

You will never know how much you meant to me.

My feelings for you are un-writable,

My feelings can not be expressed.

All I can say is,

Always trust your heart,

It will always guide you.

Many want you for your beauty,

And only for your beauty.

You are the most beautiful girl,

I have ever seen,

But it goes much further for me.

You come into my sleep,

You torment me,

Taunt me,

And even notice me,

Every thing I have ever wanted,


And with a blink of an eye,Gone!

You and I could never be,

Because our lives are so different,

Even though we are so alike.

This paradigm of lust I have,

Is shared with the ever knowing,

That we could never be.

I just want you to know,

That there was one out there,

Who loved you for not only,

For you beauty,

But also for who you are.

I guess its like they say,“It’s better to have loved and lost,Than to have never loved at all.”

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My Poems

Okay so this is kind of how everything is going to go with my poems and such.  i am sort of like a writer.  Or i would love to call my self such a profound word.  I am more like a dabbler.  I write a poem every day and will post it on my blog.  I have certian categories that they are in according to which topic i tackle at night.  If you want you can read them comment on them and HOPEFULLY new theories on life will be formed. 

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The Forbidden Love

The Forbidden Love

By Cody Olson 

Every night,Our love comes alive with passion.

Every night our forbidden love,

Comes and brings us together,

With the blanket of darkness,

I come swift as the night’s chill.

As I round the bend to your escape,

I feel my heart burn with in me with love.

I whistle the tune,That tells you, my love,

That I have come.

We embrace with the night’s cloak.

We wish it could be night forever,

For when the sun arises,

Our love must part until the coming,Of the night.

For our love is forbidden.

We come from different places,

 And the punishment for our love, is death.

But the crazy thing about love is,

When you have it,

You will not give it up.

You would rather die,

Than to live without,

Your only true love.

For being with love,Is worth dieing for.

Because living with out love,

Is the same antagonizing thing,

As death.

The slow tormenting torture,

Of loveless life is,

The same torture as death.

The clock strikes twelve,

The moon is shinning with revenge,

Upon the couple.

They hear a sound from afar,

They try to get away,

But they are spotted by the unjust.

The unjust come as swift,

As a speeding bullet.

Their forbidden love has just been found.

They are brought by horse into the town square,

Tied together on a stake,

And set aflame.

As the two start to fade into the fire,

The lone scream of love comes from the man,“I will love you till my death and beyond!”

A roaring, piercing shrill comes from the girl,“I will love you forever!”

As the sun rises,

Their forbidden love ends,

And the couple dies together,

In the sun rise,

That never ends.

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The Five Criteria For a Great President

The Five Criteria for a Great President

            When a person looks up the phrase, “criteria for a great president” on the internet, you find very little.  Actually, there was close to nothing.  Even in a site dedicated to quotes, there is nothing describing the criteria for a great president.  Why is this?  Why is it that when a person tries to find what the essentials for a great president are, there is nothing that we find?  Is this because not a single president has been worthy of judging the rest?  Is it because we can not find a certain criteria for which to judge the rest?  Or is it because there is no such thing?  If there were such a criteria, it would have to contain: values, patriotism, looking to the people before himself, understanding when and how an action must be taken, and finally the ability to understand what is best for the country.  However, which president can truly fit this criteria?  Then that brings the question, “Have we had a great president?”Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.”  This means that where we get this values that we speak of is from a religious standpoint.  Every president has had a religious background.  Even Thomas Jefferson was a deist.  However, what we fail to admit is that every law, every fiber of our constitution, every aspect of our society is built around values and the beliefs that come from something higher than the person that wrote it.  “Higher than the person that wrote it”.  We need to think about that phrase because if a president is to truly have morals then that would mean that each would have to believe or put something higher than him.  Have we had such a self sacrificing man?  We couldn’t or else why would we have a voting system.  If we had such a righteous man, then he would have been introduced into our presidency and we would have a utopia on Earth.  However, each has fallen short of the values that he would have to place in front of himself.  Each president has lied in some point of his presidency and has fallen short of a higher calling.  Even FDR, according to, “Rating the presidents: purpose, criteria, consequences: by, James MacGregor Burns,” has fallen short of the values by being unfaithful to his wife.  Thus, if we were to try to find such a criteria that fits a great president, values could not be considered such a criteria, for there hasn’t been a single president that would be fitting for this criterion.  If values are not in such a criterion, then we would have to go to the next step or a criterion which is patriotism.  What exactly is patriotism?  Webster’s dictionary states patriotism as the “devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.”  Having this knowledge we can now find if a certain president has fallen in this category.  We can now judge if a single president has taken this quality and lived by it, so we can make it a criteria for the presidency.  When we look at this definition we have to ask ourselves, “Has a president actually followed this definition?”  Devoted love… a love that is unconditional for every being in the country.   George Washington came close; however, he despised the people who gave him the presidency because he thought it would lead to a monarchy.  Something they fought to destroy.  There might have been a president that had national loyalty.  However we have to ask ourselves has there been a president that has defended our country?  Some would say yes, but I ask whom.  We have been a part of many wars, including ones in our own country.  Has there been a president that has been loyal to his own country and not thought about others countries before his own?  Ronald Regan was phenomenal in this category by not firing a shot in the cold war.  However, he did not recognize the soon to be epidemic that was starting in his own country.  AIDS was recognized as an incurable disease and something that would spread faster than the cold.  Instead of funding research on this, Regan refused to look at the subject and focus on other things.  He turned his back on his country.  A great president must look for the people’s interests and not his own.  Why is there campaigning in the year before the election?  To tell people what this upcoming candidate is going to do for the country.  However, I ask for a person to give me an example of a president, who was elected, that did everything that he was going to do.  Also that president has to have stood for everything that he was going to stand for and not just give a round about answer to the moral question standing before him.  Has there been a president who has stuck to the people and not the “Interest” groups.  Why do we call them interest groups?  We do this because they have certain interests that they want to be recognized by the person they are funding for the candidacy. Can a person be such self sacrificing that he would give up his own interest to answer the interests of the people and his country?  No.  Not a single man in the history has acted with out such regard for his own interests.  If a person does believe in a higher calling, then this would then this person, this self preserving person would then be considered GOD.  In essence, there is no such man on earth let alone in our presidency.  So, this certain aspect of my criteria cannot be considered as an aspect in the search for a great presidency.  Did we bomb
Hiroshima too early?  Did we invade
Iraq too early?  Was the use of the atomic bomb justified in the surprise attack by the Japanese in WWII?  I guess the phrase; “Hind sight is 20/20” is one that can directly describe these actions.  Were these actions performed too early, and/or were these actions performed with the interests of the people?  These things are things that should be thought of when a person is trying to find the criteria for a great president.  That is why the next aspect of my criteria is when and how actions should be performed.  Did we give the Japanese sufficient time to surrender or was it necessary for us to use the atom bombs?  90% of a city was destroyed with the use of one single atomic bomb.  The total of slain bodies in two cities soared.  The civilian casualty of the bomb totaled an estimate of 103,000 according to  Can a person actually imagine what the atomic bomb would have looked like?  A survivor once said, “It looked as if Jesus was coming down from the heavens to save us all, instead it was the devil bringing nothing but death to my family.”  Every president has been faced with a task that has brought them to their knees.  So many people critique each president and say that they are not worthy of being president because they did something to early.  Or they said something a group did not like.  Does a president have the knowledge of what is going to happen if he invades a country at this exact time?  Many say that a person who can tell the future is something of a myth.  If this is true, then the phrase, “a correct action” is something of a myth, because there will always be consequences to every action taken.  Therefore, there this criteria cannot be considered for the presidency. 
Who knows exactly what is best for over 280 million people?  Who can exactly pinpoint every action as something that will benefit this many people?  Not a single person can absolutely follow this next quota and here’s why.  We have a two party system.  This is where we have democrats and republicans yelling and screaming at each other over the same issues, because someone a long time ago said they have to disagree with the other.  Now, these people have different viewpoints on how the presidency should be performed.  Will there ever be a time where both sides would actually be happy with an action performed by the president.  Absolutely not.  There are too many people that play the devil’s advocate against the president and try to disagree with everything he does.  However, even though these people may seem like they are horrible for doing such a thing are they not considered to be a part of our country.  Aren’t they just another member of our society that we have to care for and the president has to try to please.  Actions must be taken for the best of the COUNTRY, and not a single person.  But these people when they come together they are a significant part of our country.  Thus, this question arises, “Is there an action that is best for the WHOLE country?”  No.  This is because there will always be someone that is not satisfied by the action or gets the short end of the stick in the situation.  We were supposed to answer the question of the criteria of the presidency, however that cannot be answered.  This is because not a single person can answer this question.  The definition of criteria is a standard of judgment or criticism; a rule or principle for evaluating or testing something.  Can we actually place every president that we have had in a rule or judgment then find what makes them a great president?  No, we cannot because each president has had his downfalls, but each one of them has done great things.  There must have been something extraordinary about themselves to have the people vote them president.  This is why we have an election and not just a monarchy.  The presidency how can we now describe it?  We can describe it with this coming phrase, “Something that we cannot define, something that we cannot consume, something that we cannot understand, and something that we cannot judge.”  This is the criteria for the presidency.

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The rules of my Blog

This blog is set up for my AP gov. but i am using it also for things like my poems or whatever social moral or imoral theory comes to mind.  You can all comment on my blog and i am open to different theories on life and society.  However, there is one thing that i ask do not turn the debates into a personal issue with anyone else or myself on this blog.  Theories are theories, they are not laws or else they would become laws.  They are suppose to be debated upon and then changed to fit any new supporting evidence that you have.  So yeah, ya’ll go at it. 

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